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Revolving doors (9)

  • Crystal Tourniket - Revolving door

    Virtually transparent manual revolving door.

  • Crystal Tourniket Automatic - Revolving door

    Virtually transparent automatic revolving door.

  • Duotour - Revolving door

    A two wing automatic revolving door with spacious compartments which easily accommodate large objects.

  • Revolving door

    Revolving door object. The object has a number of parametric values for materials, frame, door leaf and thresholds.

  • Tourlock 180 + 90 - 4 Wing - Revolving door

    Automatic four wing security revolving door.

  • Tournex - Revolving door

    A sophisticated automatic revolving door with spacious compartments, easily able to cope with intensive pedestrian traffic flow.

  • Tourniket - Revolving door

    Manually operated revolving door.

  • Tourniket Automatic - Revolving door

    Automatically operated revolving door.

  • Twintour Straight Corridor - Revolving door

    A flexible revolving door concept which consists of two or more two wing revolving doors.

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