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COBA Flooring, Unit 5 , Marlborough Drive, Fleckney, Leicestershire, LE8 8UR

COBA Flooring is a division of the COBA group of companies. Their fully fledged range of entrance matting and flooring solutions is the culmination of... Read more.

  • Alba - Entrance matting

    Premium nylon entrance matting carpet.

  • PathMaster - Entrance matting

    A cost-effective versatile alternative to traditional aluminium systems.

  • PathMaster Budget - Entrance matting

    The most budget-conscious entrance matting available to feature aluminium.

  • PathMaster Duo - Entrance matting

    Functional entrance matting system with a contemporary design.

  • Plan A Aluminium - Entrance matting

    Versatile aluminium entrance matting.

  • Plan C - Entrance Matting

    Reversible closed surface aluminium entrance matting.

  • Premier Plus - Entrance matting

    Needlepunch interlinking carpet tiles entrance matting.

  • Premier Surface - Entrance matting

    Surface mounted entrance matting tiles.

  • Premier Track - Entrance matting

    Premium interlinking carpet tiles for entrance matting.

  • Toughrib Contract - Entrance matting

    Ribbed entrance matting on a roll.

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