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Lady Lane Industrial Estate, Hadleigh, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP7 6BA

Celotex is the UK brand leader of PIR thermal insulation solutions for the building and construction sectors offering an extensive product range, leading... Read more.

  • Celotex CF5000 - Insulation Board

    Celotex CF5000 is a premium performance Full Fill Cavity Wall Solution, BBA approved making use of the whole cavity to optimise thermal performance.

  • Celotex CG5000 - Insulation board

    Celotex CG5000 - best in class solution specifically designed for partial fill cavity wall applications.

  • Celotex CW4000 - Insulation board

    Celotex CW4000 - high performance insulation board for partial fill cavity wall applications.

  • Celotex FR5000 - Insulation board

    Best in class solution for pitched roof, wall and floor applications.

  • Celotex GA4000 - Insulation board

    High performance insulation board for floors, walls and roofs.

  • Celotex GD5000 - Insulation board

    Plasterboard thermal laminate comprising of premium PIR insulation bonded to 9.5 mm tapered edge plasterboard, specifically designed for adhesively bonded (dot & dab) applications.

  • Celotex PL4000 - Insulation board

    High performance PIR insulation bonded to tapered edge plasterboard for dry-lining applications including solid wall upgrades and between and under applications in pitched and flat roofs.

  • Celotex SL5000 - Insulation Board

    A premium performance PIR solution designed specifically for use in concrete soffit liner applications 

  • Celotex TB4000 - Insulation board

    High performance insulation available from as thin as 12 mm for use in two layer build ups and for overcoming thermal bridging.

  • Celotex XR4000 - Insulation board

    Celotex XR4000 – high performance insulation board available up to 200 mm thick for floors, walls and roofs.

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