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Pile carpet tiles (158)

Designed to maintain their good looks in the most demanding heavy traffic areas of buildings.

  • AirMaster® - Pile carpet tile

    A tufted loop pile carpet tile with patented technology for improving indoor air quality.

  • Arcade - Pile carpet tile

    A 1/8th gauge tufted, luxurious cut pile carpet tile.

  • Armour - Carpet Tile

    Secondary entrance solution, combining different yearns to remove dirt and moisture.

  • Auriga - Carpet tiles

    Auriga is a sophisticated, heavy contract, multi-level textured loop tile.

  • Balance Atomic - Carpet Tile

    Loop pile carpet tile with a random, multi-tile design.

  • Balance Echo Planks - Carpet Plank

    Carpet planks in a low level loop, random multi-tile finish

  • Balance Echo - Carpet Tile

    Low level loop pile carpet tile with a multi-tile design in a single colour-way

  • Balance Greyscale - Carpet Tile

    Loop pile carpet tile in a single 'field' grey option.

  • Balance Stripe - Carpet Tile

    Striped, low level loop pile carpet tile

  • Balance - Carpet Tile

    A loop pile carpet tile with a practical, understated design

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