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  1. Proprietary levelling or wearing screed to BS EN 13813 (7)
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Anhydritec Ltd (7)

221 Europa Boulevard, Westbrook, Warrington, Cheshire, WA5 7TN

Anhydritec Ltd is a market leading producer and innovator of Anhydrite flowing floor screeds in the UK and Europe. Anhydritec Ltd flowing floor Screeds... Read more.

  • Gyvlon ECO

    A self compacting free flowing screed, for most build types.

  • Gyvlon Excelio

    A self compacting free flowing screed, offering a thin bonded levelling solution from 12 mm.

  • Gyvlon Sky

    A self compacting free flowing screed, for use in high rise developments.

  • Gyvlon SoundBar

    Soundbar technology, designed to provide an acoustic solution in timber frame buildings.

  • Gyvlon SteelDeck

    A self-compacting free flowing screed, for use in light weight steel floors and buildings.

  • Gyvlon Thermio Plus

    A self compacting free flowing screed,designed for use with underfloor heating, offering high thermal conductivity.

  • Gyvlon XTR

    Free flowing screed for use in areas requiring a strong screed for high impact loading, C35-F7.

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