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  1. Acrylic and methacrylate adhesives (20)
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Adhesives (74)

Products commonly used in the construction industry where adhesion is the primary performance requirement, both for bonding materials together or to a... Read more.

  • Adesilex P9

    High strength, polymer modified adhesive for installing ceramic and porcelain tiles and mosaics, no vertical slip. For interior and exterior applications on conventional wall and floor substrates.

  • ARDEX 2365 Universal

    ARDEX AF 2365 Universal is a water-based, low odour, solvent free, acrylic, emulsion-based floorcovering adhesive.

  • ARDEX AF 165

    ARDEX AF 165 is a water-based, low odour, solvent free, wet bond acrylic emulsion-based floorcovering adhesive.

  • ARDEX AF 175

    Fibre-reinforced luxury vinyl tile adhesive.

  • ARDEX AF 2525

    Two component heavy duty flooring adhesive.

  • ARDEX AF 325

    Carpet flooring adhesive.

  • ARDEX AF 625

    Heavy duty contact adhesive.

  • ARDEX AF 825

    Surface tackifier.

  • ARDEX AF 275

    ARDEX AF 275 is a fibre reinforced, water-based, low odour, semi-wet bond, solvent free, acrylic, emulsion-based floorcovering adhesive.

  • ARDEX EG 8 Plus

    Cement/Epoxy hybrid grout and adhesive.

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