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Addagrip House, Bell Lane Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QL

Addagrip Terraco Ltd, part of the Terraco Group, is a resin manufacturing and formulating company specialising in producing a wide range of resin based... Read more.

  • ADDABOUND - Resin Bound Surfacing

    Recycled resin bound porous surfacing.

  • Addacolor - Resin Bound Surfacing

    Addacolor retains all of the benefits of our standard resin bound paving and is ideally suited to those projects that require a splash of colour both inside and out.

  • Addaset - Resin Bound Surfacing System

    The Addaset Resin Bound Surfacing System provides a smooth, hard wearing and low maintenance porous/semi porous surface.

  • Addastone - Resin Bonded Surfacing System

    The Addastone Resin Bonded Surfacing System provides an attractive, hard wearing and low maintenance surface by bonding or fixing loose gravel aggregates to concrete or asphalt.

  • Addastone Tree Pit System

    Addastone Tree Pit is designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system, using a variety of natural or recycled aggregates.

  • PU Floor Green Line - Resin Flooring

    PU Floor Green Line is a Polyurethane Resin Floor with high elasticity and colour pigmentation providing a bespoke and highly versatile Designer Resin Floor finish.

  • Terrabase Rustic - Paving system

    Terrabase Rustic is a system with a decorative and natural rustic looking permeable surface, suitable for pedestrian footpaths and areas subject to occasional trafficking by light vehicles.

  • Terrabound Resin Bound Surfacing

    Terrabound Resin Bound Surfacing is our commercial grade resin bound surfacing system, a cost effective solution for large and small projects.

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